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Promotes Ongoing Spiritual Growth

Savage Senior Living at Fen Pointe offers spiritual health programs that support residents, family members and staff in continuing toward spiritual growth. Spiritual health can have a positive effect on both health and longevity. 


Slow the progression of cognitive impairment with aging. It may even be associated with a slower progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

Foster increased social participation and a sense of belonging

Lower stress and increase coping capabilities



Ebenezer began as a faith-based community of Norwegian immigrants back in 1917. We are proud of that heritage. The founders looked to their Lutheran faith to advocate for the poor, the newly arrived immigrants and especially for the forgotten seniors in their midst. They did so because their faith taught that all people, without exception, were created in the image of God.

We continue to intentionally ground ourselves in a faith-based mission. Even though the immigrants are no longer coming from Norway our mission remains rooted in the concern for the poor, care for the needy and a passion to support seniors in our midst. Our mission is shaped and nurtured by staff and residents from an ever-growing community of faiths. When we gather for a community Iftar, learn about Passover with one another, or welcome new residents with a smudging ceremony our community is blessed. The commonality of mission across faith traditions forms a firm foundation for our present and future work together.

Much of the faith-based programming currently offered at Ebenezer is ecumenically diverse and in response to the overwhelming percentage of residents who identify as part of the Christian tradition. We are blessed to continue to welcome residents and staff from a multitude of religious traditions. This diversity enhances our care for all people as well as providing new opportunities for both learning and sharing about faith traditions.

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