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Blog by Barry ZeVan, Minnesota's Favorite Weatherman!

“Food, glorious food!" Unabashedly quoting that line from both the play and feature film OLIVER!, I confess it evokes and parallels the fact I'm a "foodie", "chow-hound" or any other appellation one might choose to apply to a person who is into what keeps us alive, along with water, of course. Also, of course, the foods we choose to eat, especially at advanced ages, most likely are much different, and probably more healthful, than those we chose to ingest in younger years. I know that's the case for yours truly. 

Until about age 30, my reputation for being the human equivalent of a goat or human garbage can, was rampant and well-deserved. I ate almost everything in sight and, truthfully, the more I ate, the thinner I became! It's true. My metabolism was reacting to my non-stop energy, both physical and mental. I have a feeling you may be among those who also experienced that enviable trait to be able to eat and drink almost everything in sight, in mass quantities and never gain weight. That's when my waist-size remained at between 26 and 28.

Today and for the past at least ten years, my waist size, at age 81, has increased to between 42 and 44, depending upon how successfully I can breathe in while fastening the top fastener on my trousers. I've saved some size 26 and 28-sized pants to only look at them wistfully and nostalgically. Unless there's some sort of metamorphosis, I think I won't be able to wear them again. Just seeing them, however, provides a modicum of some incentive to reach that probably impossible goal. 

In my opinion, the title of this blog, HEALTHY EATING IN THE NEW YEAR, should be among those sensible goals and mantras we should wish to achieve every new year. In my opinion, it's definitely do-able, simply using the common sense we all have, or should have. I think, for yours truly, at least, cravings are part of a non-healthful diet. Obviously, we all need an occasional "treat," but "occasional" should be the guiding word.

We can train and wean ourselves to avoid excess intakes of soft drinks, candy, fatty foods, desserts with high sugar content and so forth. It isn't easy, but once that discipline is achieved, even most of the time, the chances of adding longevity to our years is obviously one of the benefits to adding discipline to our eating habits. 

At every Ebenezer community, our culinary team works together to ensure our residents enjoy their dining experiences. Our skilled teams prepare nutritious and delicious meals that please the palate as well as the eye. Freshly prepared and locally sourced (whenever possible), produce and high quality meats and seafood are at the heart of our dining experiences. We offer a variety of options for each meal all of which are flavorful and are prepared with no added salt, utilizing heart healthy techniques.

VERY happily, Savage Senior Living at Fen Pointe is currently inviting you to enjoy a healthful complimentary lunch and tour. It's our "treat" to hopefully provide some incentive for you to think about eating and drinking in a more health-conscious fashion. Of course, if you already do eat healthfully, please enjoy a Free lunch and tour at Savage Senior Living anyway and congratulations for achieving that much-sought-after goal! Thank you for reading! 

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