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Patient and Nurse


Offers Diverse Programs and Services


Savage Senior Living at Fen Pointe works with a variety of programs and services that meet the varied needs of our residents.

Doctor Office

As part of Ebenezer and part of Fairview, Savage Senior Living works with Fairview Geriatric Services to ensure our residents receive on-site care from a nurse practitioner and collaborating physician. Our providers partner with residents, families and community staff to provide a quality care plan. Our goal is to keep you as healthy as possible. For more information, please call 952-914-1720 or click the link below.

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On-Site Care™ professionals partner with Savage Senior Living at Fen Pointe to provide bi-monthly visits from licensed audiologists (On-Site Hearing® Services) for resident hearing needs, licensed optometrist (On-Site Vision® Services) for their vision needs and licensed podiatrists (On-Site Podiatry® Services) that specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of all conditions that affect the foot and ankle.

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At Savage Senior Living at Fen Pointe we work with Accent Care Fairview Home Care and Hospice to take care of your special health care needs.

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